At Sandhill Mill...

We believe in meaningful nourishment by providing quality products & education that connects people to their food source. We grow, mill & sell ancient grains & ethically grown food.

Why stone-milled flour?

Stone milling keeps all three parts of the wheat together when producing flour. The bran and germ are the two most nutritious parts of wheat yet are removed from traditional flours on the market to increase its shelf life.

  • What We Offer

    Ready to Mill:

    • Organic Einkorn Wheat
    • Organic Farro/Emmer Wheat
    • Dylan Wheat - grown using organic practices
    • Golden Flax - grown using organic practices
    • Organic Yellow Corn
  • Currently Growing:

    In Fall 2023, we planted:

    • Rye

    In Spring 2024, we will be planting:

    • Einkorn Wheat
    • Farro/Emmer Wheat
    • Dylan Wheat
    • Golden Flax

  • Custom Mixes

    Tell us your desired flour blend and we'll mill the mix to order!

    Have a Grain Request? We are all ears!