Flour Milling Questions
Why fresh milled flour?
Once milled, the nutrient content starts decreasing.
Why stone milled flour?
Stone milling flour keeps all 3 parts of the wheat berry in the flour - the bran, germ and endosperm. The germ and bran are often removed during the traditional milling processes to increase the flour's shelf life. Removing these two parts, removes a large portion of the flour's nutrients.
Why is Sandhill Mill's flour more a darker color than store-bought flour?
Here at Sandhill Mill, we stone-mill our flour, keeping the bran and germ with the flour. The bran and germ add the beautiful brown-tint and robust nutrients to our flours.
How do I store freshly milled flour?
Fresh milled flour will keep best stored in the fridge or freezer. We recommend purchasing in small quantities frequently to ensure the freshest, most nutrient-dense flour.
What is the difference between whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour?
Whole wheat flour is just that - all three parts of the wheat berry are in the flour. Whole wheat flour is delicious in breads and pasta.

All-purpose flour is typically lighter in color and has had much of the bran removed from the flour. All-purpose flour is commonly used in cookies, cakes and pie crusts.
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